For the Love of Pizza and Pups

There are two things you need to know about us at Lulu’s Pizzeria. We believe in only the freshest local ingredients you can find, and we believe in dogs.

There are a million pizza options out there (what a time to be alive, right?), but no two are the same. At Lulu’s, we’ve planted our flag at the intersection of fresh and local. You won’t find canned sauces or store-bought sausage. And we wouldn’t dare skimp on fresh basil. Everything that can be homemade is homemade. And everything we can buy local is (you guessed it) local. With cheeses from our neighbors in Wisconsin, our own special dough recipe from a local Twin Cities bakery, pounds and pounds of fresh basil and San Marzano tomatoes from local farmers, we take the whole neighborly Midwestern concept of popping in next door for a cup of sugar very seriously.

And dogs. We adore them. How can you not? Like any good American local business, we named our restaurant after our mini golden doodle, Lulu. She is as adorable as the food is delicious. (We’ll admit bias on both accounts, but we think you’ll agree.) Furry patrons are always welcome and will be greeted with a tasty treat of their own.

We're Just Getting Started

We opened our doors on Shoreline Drive in May 2020. Yep – just a few short months into the Coronavirus pandemic. But if there was ever a time for phenomenal pizza, this would be it.

Luckily, carryout and delivery were the plan from the beginning so we could devote most of our 450-square-foot space to the MVP of the operation: our giant deck-style pizza oven. Zeroing in on our favorite cuisine (Italian, of course), we tested and tasted and tweaked our recipes at home for years until the light in our eyes after taking a bite said: it’s time. When it comes to good food, you can’t help but want to share it with everyone in a 50-mile radius. So that’s exactly what we set out to do.

We’re always dreaming of what’s next at Lulu’s. Par-baked meals, expanding the space, selling our custom dough for at-home pizza-making…

So stick around! We promise your taste buds won’t be sorry.