Life's Too Short for "Just Okay" Pizza

Welcome to Lulu’s Pizzeria. We’re like your stand-in Italian grandma. Except this grandma also lived in New York, Chicago, and Detroit to hone her craft until settling down near Lake Minnetonka, making friends with the best local farmers, all to serve up the best homemade pizza you’ve ever had. And hoagies. And meatballs. And salads. And tiramisu. And cannolis. Did we mention Grandma’s also an artisan pastry chef?

We could go on and on, but we’ll stop now so you can look at the menu.

Real Good Ingredients You'll Feel
Real Good About Eating

The freshest, local ingredients you can find.
Sausage made from scratch.
Cheeses straight from Wisconsin dairy farms.
Tomatoes to rival the swankiest downtown restaurant.



Homemade Fresh Everything

Locally Sourced Ingredients

Out-of-this-world Cheese Situation